Mumbai’s 5 Favorite Foods of Bollywood Celebrities

There are foods. Then there are mouth-watering foods. We all absolutely love to have delicious dishes. And as a matter of fact, we all are very lucky to have born in India. We get various types of cuisines in various parts of our country. And this diversity is best for all the food lovers. Mumbai is not just a city of India; it’s a country in itself. And a country in itself has to be diverse regarding food too! Mumbai also [...]

4 Great Reasons to Order Food Online in Mumbai

We Indians really cannot afford to grab a quick bite and run. Most of us foodies enjoy eating our food in a relaxed manner sitting in the comfort of our homes and relishing every morsel of it. Whether it Vada paw or paw bhaji we like nothing better than to sit at home and enjoy it to the fullest. Being a person from Mumbai we love our food be it street food or food like sandwiches, pasta, pizza or [...]

5 Food you must eat if you are in Mumbai

Mumbai is very different from most of the cities of our country. It is a city with people from different parts of the country living there to earn a living. The food here is also different just like the people, from street food to fine cuisine to small snacks. For those visiting this city for the first time, here are Five Food you must eat if you are in Mumbai: Batata vada – batata is the Marathi name for potatoes [...]

Online food ordering made easy by Food Mumbai

Free from the trouble of searching for food on noisy, busy streets, waiting to grab tables or having to look around for proper table manners in top restaurants, ordering online food solves a lot of problems. Today just with the click of your mobile you can order food online easily and no need to worry about anything else. Mumbai has become one of the cities with major online food orders. Food Mumbai helps to Cravings for some delicious sinful food, [...]