Mumbai’s 5 Favorite Foods of Bollywood Celebrities

Mumbai’s 5 Favorite Foods of Bollywood Celebrities

There are foods. Then there are mouth-watering foods. We all absolutely love to have delicious dishes. And as a matter of fact, we all are very lucky to have born in India. We get various types of cuisines in various parts of our country. And this diversity is best for all the food lovers.

Mumbai is not just a city of India; it’s a country in itself. And a country in itself has to be diverse regarding food too!

Mumbai also means Bollywood by the way. And as much as we dig food, we dig Bollywood stars too! The secret is, however much they have to maintain the diet, they all love eating. Don’t believe me? Here are five best cuisines of Mumbai, which our very own Bollywood stars absolutely love.

1. Vada Pav

Vada Pav

Vada Pav

If you didn’t already know, Vada Pav is another name for Mumbai’s common people food. People absolutely love having Vada Pav. It’s cheap, delicious and also gives you a nice fill! And believe it or not, this cheap and tasty food has always attracted Bollywood celebrities as well. From Jackie Shroff to Ranbir Kapoor, from Manoj Bajpayee to Mithun Chakraborty – many of our favorite stars crave for Vada Pav! Mithun Chakraborty had literally survived on Vada Pav during his struggling days. So Vada Pav will continue being everyone’s companion.

2. Bombil Fry


Bombil Fry

You must be wondering what bombil is. Well, it’s another name for Bombay duck, which is not a duck. Confused? Don’t be. It’s just a fish with the name of a duck. Every fish lover’s favourite, this fish fry has been ruling Mumbai. And the possessor of one of Bollywood’s most amazing figures, Shilpa Shetty has fallen in love with Bombil from head to toe. Way to go, Shilpa!

3. The Bombay Sandwich


Bombay Sandwich

The old name of the city of Mumbai has influenced the naming of lots of foods. The Bombay Sandwich is one of them. Made from bread, butter, onion rings, boiled potatoes, beetroots and mint chutney – Bombay Sandwich is a classic snack to have in Mumbai. And you know who gulps it like nothing? Yes, it’s our very own Priyanka Chopra aka Piggy Chops. Whenever she’s in Mumbai, she has to have one of these. The mix and match taste is absolutely engrossing for anyone!

4. Baida Roti


Baida Roti

It’s not technically a roti at all. Made from spiced meat and egg fry wrapped in a cover, Baida Roti is Mumbai’s favorite stomach filling junk. Many common men of Mumbai finish their lunch with this only. And the singer, who asks for a cup of hot tea in his songs, is an absolute fan of these. Yes, I am talking about Mr Anu Malik. Yum time, Mr Malik?

5. Rustam’s Ice cream


Rustam’s Ice Cream

An Ice cream parlor which has been running for over six decades in Mumbai and is a huge hit is Rustam’s Ice cream. The unique making of the ice creams, the amazing taste – everything about these ice creams is engrossing. And our very own pretty lady Kajol is a complete fan of Rustam’s. She loves the ice cream and never misses a chance of having one!

So just go and grab your food! Om nom nom time!

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