5 Food you must eat if you are in Mumbai

5 Food you must eat if you are in Mumbai

Mumbai is very different from most of the cities of our country. It is a city with people from different parts of the country living there to earn a living. The food here is also different just like the people, from street food to fine cuisine to small snacks. For those visiting this city for the first time, here are Five Food you must eat if you are in Mumbai:

  1. Batata vada – batata is the Marathi name for potatoes and these yummy vada’s are made up of potatoes and are a very famous street food of Mumbai. Going to Mumbai and trying this is a must. Not only is it delicious, but also filling.
  2. Bombil fry – Mumbai is a heaven for seafood lovers. The Bombay Duck (Bombil) is actually a fish, but is named duck. This particular fish is very tasty and is fried in such a manner that the inside is soft and the outside remains crunchy.
  3. Bhel puri – Mumbai beaches have the most famous chaat sold than anywhere else. Bhel Puri is one such thing that you must not miss while you’re in Mumbai. A lip smacking snack that will keep you coming here for more. You can enjoy it on the roadside and even on the beaches. You need to taste it once and you are sure to become its fan for sure.
  4. Keema pao – the keema is made up of spices, chilies and onions, and sometimes eggs along with minced mutton pieces. It is just yummy and you can eat it simply but here the entire preparation is accompanied by Mumbai’s famous bread, the Pao. A bite of the Pao along with a spoonful full of Keema is heaven for all food lovers. You can even a dash of lemon on the keema to get the best taste out of it.
  5. Pao bhaji – this is a must try food when you are in Mumbai. It is another popular dish from the streets of Mumbai. Here you simply need to dip the special Pao bread in the mixed vegetable gravy while eating the onion served with it side by side. This can be a suitable meal for anyone at any time of the day and it is totally fulfilling. You are bound to love this food and is found all over Mumbai.

So, whenever you visit Mumbai, do not miss the five delicious treat which is extremely mouth watering.

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